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Review: What Would Mr. Darcy Do?

What Would Mr Darcy Do?What Would Mr Darcy Do? by Abigail Reynolds
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I delved back into the Regency period with What Would Mr Darcy Do?. As one of Abigail Reynolds earlier books, I wanted to compare it to Alone with Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation which I greatly enjoyed recently (for my review, click here).

Ms. Reynold's skill in writing our favorite couple is, as always, excellent. She writes a passionate Darcy, always more real and earthy than the Darcy portrayed in Austen's novels. This isn't a criticism. Austen wrote as a woman of her time would - an unmarried woman at that. Despite sticking with the Regency lingo and customs (for the most part), the authoress of this book brings the characters closer to the reader of the modern era. In addition, Elizabeth is more vulnerable and more flawed. I like a Lizzy where you can see the cracks in her excellent wit, and underneath, an uncertain woman we can all relate to. Even Georgiana is extremely lovable and accessible in this novel - not just a figurehead to be lamented.

I try not to spoil in my reviews, so I will not say more about the plot. However, this is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice - do not expect too many wild turns. The romance is even too sappy at times, but after some of the angsty things I've read lately, it was good to wallow in the sweet williams and forget-me-nots.

Sweet William, Forget Me Not, Convulvus And A Canary On A Ledge, 1836

The only reason my rating was not higher, was I found that I was left a little bored, as the characters came to an understanding too soon. But then, I'm an angst-glutton, even when I'm taking a break.

Overall, this book is a well-written, fun romp, back into the wilds of Derbyshire and the countryside of Meryton.

On to a revisit to possibly my favorite Darcy ever written - one in only leather pants!

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