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Review: Theirs to Cherish

Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers, #8)Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black
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Finally - a full-length novel! I've been wanting to read Theirs to Cherish since I first read about Thorpe earlier on in the Wicked Lovers saga. And I wasn't disappointed.

Callie has always interested me in the other novels when she popped up, but mostly because Thorpe seemed totally over the moon for her. This novel is truly her story. She's a feisty, skittish, closed-off little thing, so afraid of her own shadow that you have to feel empathy for her plight. Callie has so many issues, she almost beats Thorpe in that department. ALMOST. She can be a bit bratty, but not enough to constitute all the times she gets called a brat. In the course of the story, I did fall a little in love with her, but her most annoying trait is her constant drive to run from her fears. Granted, once you've read the book, you understand.

My Callie - Anne Hathaway

Next, we are introduced to the Scottish brogue of the blue-eyed boy wonder, Sean. He's head over heels for the little miss, and man, does he have competition there. Sean seemed a complex character, until his truth is revealed in the first quarter of the book. Needless to say, Sean took a back seat for me in this threesome of character leads. Although he is the heart and flowers guy, I always prefer the dark, broken and brooding. Personal preference.

My Sean - Matt Bomer

Last, but never least - Thorpe. *Sigh* This owner of Dominion, the D/S club featured in all of the Wicked Lovers saga, is wolfishly handsome, dangerous and possessive as hell. No one messes with those he protects, and Callie is his own personal "One Ring". I can just here him repeating under his breath, "My precious... my precious..." Mitchell Thorpe is older, weathered, and broken - but none of that takes away his appeal. Honestly, I would pass out from the number of pheromones this Dom must give off when he commands a room! My only gripe with Thorpe is that his commitment-phobia has been overplayed in this type of novel - and his reason are not that brilliant.

My Thorpe - Michael Fassbender

Overall, the plot of this novel is far, far, far fetched. But honestly, I could care less. I couldn't put it down. The writing flows like wine, the characters are compelling and the danger never ceases. It's almost like a road trip film - the chase is on, and there is never really down time when you feel like any of the characters will get their HEA. But that was compelling enough to make me put this near the top of all the Wicked Lovers Saga. And yes, I'm biased - I LOVE THORPE.

Just a heads up, this is another of Shayla Black's novels where there is ménage-action. If you aren't into that sort of thing, it won't be for you.

Time for a change next, I think... perhaps a historical romance?

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